Work, School And Marriage: Americans At Age 27 : Planet Money The government released a snapshot of 27-year-olds in America. Here are a few numbers that caught our eye.

Work, School And Marriage: Americans At Age 27

The government released new data this week from a long-running survey of a group of Americans born in the early 1980s. The latest report provides a partial snapshot of 27-year-olds. You can read the full report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but here are a few notable points.

Compared to all adults surveyed by the Census Bureau, this group is more educated. A lot more of them have some college experience, more have earned at least a bachelor's degree, and fewer have dropped out of high school.

What's Their Highest Education Attainment?

Regardless of education, most Americans in this cohort have held about six jobs by the time they turn 27.

How Many Jobs Did They Have?

And lastly, here are few findings about young people and their relationships. By a substantial margin, women are more likely than men to be married at age 27 and generally, people with more education are more likely to be married than those with less.