Episode 585: Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts : Planet Money Imagine a marketplace completely free of government interference. A place with no contracts, no courts and no regulations. Except for one pirate, the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Episode 585: Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts

Episode 585: Chasing The Dread Pirate Roberts

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The Silk Road was a vast online marketplace for illicit goods and services US Dept. of Justice hide caption

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US Dept. of Justice
A screen grab from the former online marketplace, Silk Road.
Silk Road

Today on the show, the story of the Dread Pirate Roberts of the internet age. A man who dreamed of setting up a utopian marketplace, a place where you could buy and sell almost anything in secret. The pirate created a market with no contracts, no regulations, and really no government interference. The Dread Pirate believed in total economic freedom, but in order to make his market work, he had to do some very bad things.

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