Episode 781: The Money Fixers : Planet Money In Washington, D.C., there is a place where millions of dollars in ripped, burned, and water-soaked dollar bills are made new. On today's show, we get inside that room.

Episode 781: The Money Fixers

Renee Klahr/NPR
A drawing of a dollar bill ripped in half, taped together.
Renee Klahr/NPR

When your life savings gets torched in a house fire or put through a shredder, there is a roomful of people who may be able to help: a team of specialists with the legal authority and technical skills to say whether messed up money lives or dies. They are the people of the Mutilated Currency Division.

On this episode, we go inside the Mutilated Currency Division. We find stories of a cow with an appetite for currency, a hundred thousand dollars stuffed into a mailbox, and a court battle between the government and millions of dollars in mutilated money

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