Our Indicators Of The Year : Planet Money Despite all the protectionist rhetoric, global trade grew really quickly this year. Also: a crazy, 80-year ride from sun god to TMI.

Our Indicators Of The Year

At The Indicator, we've been covering numbers in the news for literally weeks now. And we've hit some of the big stories — sexual harassment, jobs, taxes.

For today's show, we decided to do something a little different: Stacey and Cardiff looked back over 2017 and picked one indicator each — not necessarily the biggest or most important indicator, but one that stood out for one reason or another. These may not be the indicators of the year. But they're our indicators of the year.

Cardiff's number suggests that all the protectionist rhetoric we've been hearing may be just talk.

Stacey's number tells the story of how technology has transformed our relationship with our leaders.

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