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Episode 821: The Other Davos : Planet Money : NPR
Episode 821: The Other Davos : Planet Money Billionaires, diplomats, thinkfluencers. This is the Davos everyone hears about. Today on the show, we take you to a different Davos.
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Episode 821: The Other Davos

Husameddin AlMadani
The Saudi Arabian "cockpit," where they track their rankings
Husameddin AlMadani

Each year, the World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, a small ski town in the Swiss Alps. The goal of the conference is to promote international cooperation and collaboration, and ultimately improve the state of the world. It's filled with diplomats, CEOs, billionaires, and idea gurus.

But, all those powerful people gathered in one place means that Davos is a prime opportunity for business. Representatives from various countries come to the conference to woo the global elite to invest. Most countries do this by displaying their best stats, but one country has a different approach. In addition to the good stuff, this year, Saudi Arabia also shared their less favorable rankings. They came to Davos with a database of 700 indicators—both good and bad.

Today on the show, we find out what Saudi Arabia's up to, and why asking that question helps us understand a world viewed through ranks and ratings.

Saudi Arabia's data tool: https://iph.sa/

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