Episode 840: Fixing Chicken : Planet Money Today on the show: A chicken index, some Wall Street investors, and an unlikely whistle-blower.

Episode 840: Fixing Chicken

Burke/Triolo Productions/Getty Images
Chicken for sale at a grocery store.
Burke/Triolo Productions/Getty Images

Arty Schronce was the director of Georgia's Poultry Marketing News. As part of his job, he'd call up chicken companies and ask them how much they were charging for chicken. He'd publish the numbers in something called The Georgia Dock.

A couple of years ago, things started to get weird. Today on the show, we follow the story of how some shadowy Wall Street investors became convinced that chicken companies were conspiring to charge Americans too much for their chicken. They try to expose the sham and Arty Schronce gets caught in the middle.

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