Sallie Krawcheck on #MeToo, Dodd Frank & Cronuts : Planet Money We play overrated/underrated with Sallie Krawcheck, Wall Street C-suite veteran and founder of Ellevest. She talks investing, women on Wall Street, and where to find the best BBQ.
NPR logo Sallie Krawcheck on #MeToo, Dodd Frank & Cronuts

Sallie Krawcheck on #MeToo, Dodd Frank & Cronuts

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Sallie Krawcheck speaks onstage at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women last year. She says when it comes to negotiating salary, "men ask and women don't."
Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Sallie Krawcheck, formerly a senior Wall Street executive at Sanford Bernstein, Citigroup and Bank of America, recently founded Ellevest, an investing platform for women. We invited her to play a game of overrated/underrated and weigh in on everything from the gender pay gap to South Carolina barbecue to the scourge of the standing desk.

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