Episode 851: The Rest Of The Story Summer 2018 : Planet Money A pesticide wreaks havoc. A listener needs a bitcoin detective. And the search for the rarest economic good continues.

Episode 851: The Rest Of The Story Summer 2018

Quoctrung Bui/NPR
The Rest Of The Story.
Quoctrung Bui/NPR

Every time we air an episode, we get a bunch of tweets and emails from our listeners. And then time passes, and... new stuff happens.

Today on the show, we revisit some of our favorite episodes and bring you updates.

We'll hear from the great-great-grand-nephew of Reed Smoot, one of the central characters in our episode, "Worst. Tariffs. Ever." We find out what happened when pesticide manufacturers tried to fix a pesticide wreaking havoc in Arkansas. And The Indicator's Paddy Hirsch will evaluate some of the many dozens of suggestions we got about what goods qualify as Giffen Goods.

Also, we'll find out if Alex Goldmark's face really turns red when he drinks cheap vodka--and why.

In case you missed them, here are the original episodes featured in today's episode:

Music: "Cadillac Attack," "Get Ya Outta Them Boots," "Butterfly Boots," "Rebel Rider," "Tiddly Winks" and "Nothing Like That."

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