Episode 859: You Asked For Even More : Planet Money You have a lot of questions... about tariffs, unemployment rates, and RV dealerships, to name a few. We have answers.

Episode 859: You Asked For Even More

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images
A flight attendant holds an inflatable life vest during a safety presentation on board a VietJet Air aircraft.
Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Every morning, we open our inboxes and find... your questions. Dozens of questions. Like, where does the money from a tariff go? What would happen to the economy if literally no one was unemployed? And why do RV dealerships have so many RV's?

Today on the show, we dig through all those questions and answer some our favorites. We do the math to figure out the cost of having life vests on airplanes, and try to determine whether they are worth it. We learn about a uncommon way of paying for an apartment in South Korea.

For you, dear listeners, we even touch a tariff.

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