Episode 865: Tweak This : Planet Money We propose small fixes for baseball, weddings, salary negotiations and buying your morning coffee. Warning: They may be too rational.

Episode 865: Tweak This

Big wrenches, small tweaks. Martin Deutsch/Flickr hide caption

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Martin Deutsch/Flickr

Big wrenches, small tweaks.

Martin Deutsch/Flickr

At Planet Money, we usually tackle the big questions. Not today.

This time, we relish small changes, proposed by smart people, that would make the world a bit fairer. (By the way, we've done this before.)

Our cast of characters, in no particular order: The frustrated newlywed with a plan to take down the wedding industrial complex. The columnist who has declared war on hidden fees. The labor economist who thinks you — yes you — should get an agent. And the professor who rankled baseball purists by proposing a rule.

Music: "Fall In Love Tonight," "Hands Up" and "Feel Alive."

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