Episode 680: Anatomy Of A Scam : Planet Money You've seen these ads: "You can work from home and get rich. It's easy. Call this number!" So, what happens when you respond?

Episode 680: Anatomy Of A Scam

Paul Taylor/Getty Images
Sometimes a deal that sounds too good to be true is, indeed, too good to be true.
Paul Taylor/Getty Images

Note: This episode originally ran in January 2016.

The ads are on telephone poles across America: "Work from home. Make thousands of dollars a week. Call this number!" And all over the internet, now, too. Today on the show, we find out what happens when you decide, yeah, that sounds pretty good. It's the story of a scam that will not die. We have secret documents laying out how it all works. And recordings of actual phone calls.

Music: "Down the Rabbit Hole," "Melting Sun," and "Watch Me Burn."

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