Episode 872: The Halloween Tapes : Planet Money Two reporters walk into a haunted house, in this special Halloween episode.

Episode 872: The Halloween Tapes

Two reporters walk into a haunted house...

Hey everybody. This is Shane, the Planet Money intern. So, um, something odd is happening around here. I haven't seen the rest of the Planet Money team in a while. They went into this haunted house, chasing after a story, and they haven't come back. It's weird.

We did get a mysterious email with some recordings attached. And I think what I'm supposed to do is just publish them. Right? I don't know. I'm just Shane the Planet Money intern. But, um, yeah. Here's the show.

Special thanks to the team at the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast for lending their sound design talents to this episode. If you want to check out their podcast, we really like Episode 27. It's all about scary sounds.

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