What Keeps Economists Up At Night? And Other Stuff : Planet Money We armed The Indicator's producers with your questions, and they unleashed them on a roomful of economists at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association.

What Keeps Economists Up At Night? And Other Stuff

Echo Wang
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Echo Wang

The Indicator team attended the annual conference of the American Economic Association, where more than 10,000 economists gather. Many listeners sent questions on social media, so our producers stalked some economists to find the answers.

Here are some of the questions we answered:

-What keeps them up at night? Via @ninaberries

-Top things the middle class can do to regain strength? Via @MannyM

-What's the most interesting finding you've seen in the past year?via @jameshoman

-Which public policies are effective to reduce gender gaps? Via @atribinu

-If you lived in St. Louis and had a son would you name him FRED? Via @ariasm1

-What could be the role of tariffs in a potential new recession? @jpgarnham

-Could a lack of individuality in a society lead to a loss of diversity of subjective value and hurt an economy? @jonatang00

-What poorly conceived indicator has done the most harm historically? Via @evergreentwete

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