Episode 892: The Lost Plane : Planet Money On today's show, we follow a commercial flight that made an emergency landing in Iran last December. And we discover that landing in Iran would be easy. Getting out – much, much harder.

Episode 892: The Lost Plane

AFP/AFP/Getty Images
A Boeing 737-33S operated by Norwegian Air makes its way to Oslo.
AFP/AFP/Getty Images

When a listener emailed to tell us that a plane full of passengers had just unexpectedly landed in Iran, we just had to figure out what happened.

Today on the show, we hear what it's like to go to Iran by accident from two passengers who were on that flight. And we discover that, while getting people out of Iran is one thing, getting an airplane out of Iran is just a very expensive intercontinental geopolitical mess. It's a vacation story with tourists, a sanctioned government, and an unlucky plane from Norway.

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