We're looking for two summer interns! : Planet Money Come work with us, you won't regret it.
NPR logo We're looking for two summer interns!

We're looking for two summer interns!


Ever wonder if a podcast could go to space? Or ask why a $60,000 bag is always out of stock? Or want to learn the secrets of snack vendors at a baseball game?

Do you wonder how to predict the next recession? Do you want to find connections between a huge IPO and a Greek new age keyboardist? Are you the kind of person who finds delight in a report from the Federal Reserve?

We are looking for TWO interns this summer: One to work on Planet Money, and one to work on The Indicator from Planet Money.

Note: These are paid, 40-hour-a-week internships in New York, NY. The positions are only open to current students OR those who graduated after May 20th, 2019. Apply for Planet Money here, and The Indicator here, by Monday, March 4th, at 5pm ET. For more details: NPR Jobs.