VIDEO: The Vodka Proof : Planet Money If vodka is by definition colorless, odorless and tasteless, then why are some vodkas so much more expensive than others?
NPR logo WATCH: There's No Such Thing As Fancy Vodka

WATCH: There's No Such Thing As Fancy Vodka

Our video series is back with a very serious inquiry into one of Philosophy's Big Questions: What's the deal with fancy vodka?

Vodka is, by definition, colorless, odorless and tasteless. But some vodkas cost much more than others. Why? The answer begins with the story of Sidney Frank, the man who basically created modern liquor marketing with his brand new vodka. Like any good Planet Money Shorts episode, this one's got a few fake mustaches and one extremely scratchy suit. From Jägermeister to top-shelf vodka, witness the birth of a brave new world in liquor marketing.

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