The China Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical? : Planet Money A recent paper examines the motivations behind Xi Jinping's corruption crackdown and arrives at a surprising answer.

The China Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical?

Fred Dufour/AP
China's President Xi Jinping may have dialed down cyberattacks because of a deal with the U.S., or as part of his own moves inside China, or both. Later, though, they crept back up ag
Fred Dufour/AP

Peter Lorentzen is an economist at the University of San Francisco. He spoke with Cardiff Garcia about a paper he wrote on the effects of the Chinese government crackdown on corruption — and whether it was an attempt by Xi Jinping to consolidate his authority or a sincere effort to make the Chinese government bureaucracy work better.

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