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All Things Super

Holy Sh**, it' Super Tuesday!

And now, in honor of everything super, here is a list:

Super Annoying:
First. In Portland, drivers slow down at green lights in anticipation of them turning yellow. Unless I am missing something, there is only a single shade of green in a traffic light. It isn't a J.Crew catalog. Before turning yellow, green does not fade, or give off a warning message—"Hey I'm about to change, thanks for looking!!—it just goes away.

Second. People who wait until their groceries have been rung up to swipe their ATM card. Unless you are a first time user (in which case there should be a special line, or a seminar), everyone knows that you can begin the debit card process immediately after your first item is scanned. There is no need to treat a debit card like cash, wherein you wait for the total and then fumble with bills and try to make exact change. The whole point of using your debit card is to orchestrate the purchase so that your receipt is spit out at the very same time your last item goes in the bag. At least, that's what I always thought.

Super Promising:
That Mitchell and Webb Look on BBC America. The show premiers Friday in the States and I'm hoping the humor will be on par with other British and Irish comedy exports. The Office might be my favorite among the more recent shows, but my first love was Father Ted. If you haven't witnessed life on Craggy Island, you are missing out. Actor Dermot Morgan is sorely missed.

Super Tramp:
There are plenty of bands with "super" in the name: Superchunk, Super Furry Animals, Supersuckers, to name a few. But Supertramp came first. And if you listen to any classic rock station, you know that this band refuses to go away. Plus, their original band name was Daddy, which is so gross it's almost cool. No, not cool, just gross. Incidentally, I'm glad I came of age in a time when we no longer use the term "daddy" to refer to boyfriends. I love Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, but I cannot stand Christine McVie's "Oh Daddy". Yet put the word "sugar" or "mac" in front of "daddy" and it somehow seems less offensive.

Super Group: Why do these usually go wrong? Asia? Velvet Revolver? Power Station? Mike & The Mechanics? Zwan? It just goes to show that great music is not a mathematical equation. You can't put Hendrix, Bonham, and Joplin together and automatically get the greatest band to ever live. And even though I'd love to see Jack White play with Zach Hill from Hella, that combination might not be magic either. Chemistry cannot be understated. There are a few notable exceptions to the ill-fated super groups: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Temple of the Dog (my Northwest bias), and any group of musicians that Damon Albarn assembles, namely Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad, & The Queen.

As for Super Tuesday, here in Oregon, there is little to do but sit back and watch. But some of you must be in one of the 24 states voting today. So.....what are your thoughts and who did you vote for?