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'Monitor Mix' Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Monitor Mix'?
The blog will feature writing and musings on music, but since music is often terrible, the blog will also delve into topics such as film, books, dogs, and television. There will be interviews, video, photos, and podcasts (someday).

Why 'Monitor Mix'?
I wanted 'Blogstein' but the powers that be liked Monitor Mix. Plus, alliterations always sound nice.

What's the purpose of 'Monitor Mix' blog?
It aims to be an entertaining, insightful, and not too serious take on music and culture. I think fellow cynics and curmudgeons will relate and optimists will learn how to tone it down. Feelings of hopefulness will be encouraged but not nurtured.

Who can comment?
Spell checkers. And the rest of you, sadly.

Do you have rules about what people can or can't say in the comments?
Arbitrary ones. Oh, well, NPR has their own rules.

Do I belong here?
Is this really a frequently asked question? Don't despair. If you had to ask, then the answer is probably "no," but please come back when you have higher self esteem.

Can I suggest stories on the blog?

Can I link to your blog?
For sure.

Will you link to my blog?
That seems unlikely, but maybe.