Studs Terkel, 1912-2008 : Monkey See The oral historian and radio titan has passed — and the Web is already offering up its tributes.
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Studs Terkel, 1912-2008

We've lost Studs Terkel, that magnificent animal. You'll find Cheryl Corley's story on him over here.

And because there's no point in parochialism at times like this, I want to make sure you see this, from the Chicago Tribune:

There's much more, including several more videos, from the Tribune on this page.

Need more? Try Studs On a Soapbox, a half-hour bio that originally aired on WTTW's "Chicago Stories" back in 2000. (Credit Tom Weinberg and the online video archive MediaBurn.)

And because no good sendoff is complete without a little Patti LaBelle, here's the number "Cleanin' Women," from the Broadway musical based on Terkel's quietly marvelous here's-what-we-do-all-day book Working. This take is from a 90-minute version that aired on PBS in 1982, in the first season of American Playhouse: