A Sweet Side Dish : Monkey See An inspired collaboration between a famous home maven and a foodie you'd never expect brings us all a little closer to a sweet Thanksgiving.
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A Sweet Side Dish

Looking to spruce up your Thanksgiving meal? Three words: cognac mashed potatoes.

A clever riff on hidebound holiday fare from Bobby Flay? A "kicked-up" concoction from Emeril?

Nope, the combination is the creation of perpetually stoned-but-improbably-functional rapper Snoop Dogg — who else would think to fuse Yankee tradition with hip-hop chill? — who shared his, uh, recipe when he did a guest turn this week on Martha Stewart. (A pairing so inspired, so hilarious, it makes Klugman-Randall look quaint — and every other "reality" show look forced — by comparison. Note to network execs: get this ultimate salt-and-pepper duo a slot in prime time.)

Me, I don't dare make them — I still remember being blasted for futzing with the sweet potatoes one year — but I'd love to hear from anybody who's got nerve enough to give it a go.

Now, a Cristal-spiked gravy — that I could maybe get with.

Todd Kliman is a James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic and the food and wine editor of Washingtonian magazine. The Wild Vine, his book about the Rosetta stone of American wine, is due in 2009.

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