Five Hefty Tomes to See You Through Your Turkey Coma : Monkey See Black Friday, Schmlack Friday. Skip the shopping mall: Holiday weekends are made for collapsing on the couch with graphic novels so freakin' huge they bend spacetime.
NPR logo Five Hefty Tomes to See You Through Your Turkey Coma

Five Hefty Tomes to See You Through Your Turkey Coma

Too much turkey? Recover on the sofa — with a nice big book full of easily digestible pictures. hide caption

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And so it begins: Another noisy, stressful, cousin-crammed festival of starchy overconsumption. Tomorrow, you will feast. And drink. And listen helplessly as your great-uncle updates you on the medical status of his bowels.

And then on Friday morning, you'll stumble from bed a bleary, still-bloated mess. In your compromised state, the shopping mall may beckon. Ignore it.

Instead, do yourself a favor: Hie your tired, tryptophan-addled butt to the nearest couch.

And take a book with you. One that:

1. You can polish off in a single lazy afternoon, and yet
2. Is so thick it could drop even a particularly belligerent yak.

After the jump: Five thick-but-quick books made for long gray weekends like this one.

Okay, here's the secret. Here's how you can immerse yourself in a rich, detailed, fully imagined tale, start to finish, over the course of the afternoon you'd otherwise waste schlepping to Best Buy and back.

Make it a comic book.

And not just any comic book. If your experience of comics isn't particularly vast, the latest issue of an ongoing series like Proof or Scalped won't fit the bill (though both, I hasten to add, are seriously groovy reads).

No, what you're looking for is a graphic novel. A big, thick, heavy one.

Why place such a premium on sheer heft, you ask?

Because the one thing I hear again and again from the many hapless non-comics-reading friends upon whom I've foisted various funnybooks is this:

"That's ... it? I read the whole thing in like six minutes."

It's true, I won't deny it; Comics have a high burn rate. Unless and until you can train yourself to slow down — to give yourself time to