Why David Letterman Is Still Critical To Our Future : Monkey See David Letterman may not make as many headlines as he used to, but when he's stuffing people in costumes into retail stores, it's totally worth watching.
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Why David Letterman Is Still Critical To Our Future

David Letterman and other late-night shows have lost a lot of their...buzzability, to use a word I'm happy to say doesn't actually exist, to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. But David Letterman still has some pretty great moments. The man who once brought you the Monkey-Cam and the soft drink delivered by a line of Rockettes has a new game.

It features stunts like the one above, called, "How Many Guys Dressed Like Spider-Man Can Fit In A Jamba Juice?" (Jamba Juice is a ubiquitous New York smoothie chain, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it.)

Spider-Man costumes are not hilarious, and neither is Jamba Juice, but Letterman's great love of pranking New York — of baffling New York — has always been one of the best parts of his show. Part of the genius is his understanding that there is a certain way New Yorkers react to the absurd, with jaded weariness, like, "Oh, great, 20 Spider-Men; what do you want to bet they're all going to want to sit next to me on the D train?" Try to watch the whole thing, even though it's eight minutes long, because it's one of those comedy bits that builds on its own absurdity.

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