Midweek Blah-Buster: 'NewsRadio' : Monkey See For your Wednesday/Thursday woes, should you have any: NewsRadio boss Jimmy James reads from the English-to-Japanese-to-English translation of his book.
NPR logo Midweek Blah-Buster: 'NewsRadio'

Midweek Blah-Buster: 'NewsRadio'

It's got Lauren Graham! (Later of Gilmore Girls!) It's got Phil Hartman doing his impression of Andy Dick! But more importantly, it has Jimmy James (Stephen Root) promoting his book, which he wrote as Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer, but which was translated into Japanese and back into English and came out Jimmy James: Macho Business Donkey Wrestler. They've gradually been bringing NewsRadio to Hulu.com, and they've gotten to my favorite one.

Some days, you just need something funny, and if you head to about the fourteen-minute mark and watch the scene in which Jimmy reads from his book, you will be in a good mood for at least two minutes, no matter what the economy is doing. (That scene returns around 16:30, at which point you will hear the name of the episode: "Super Karate Monkey Death Car.")