Presenting ...The First Annual Monkey See Best-Movies Poll : Monkey See You knew it had to happen: Presenting Monkey See's Best Movies of 2008 Poll, now with more arbitrary categories.
NPR logo Presenting ...The First Annual Monkey See Best-Movies Poll

Presenting ...The First Annual Monkey See Best-Movies Poll

That's the ticket: We're launching our year-end movies polls. First up: Wanna nominate the year's best Manic Pixie movies? Kirk Radish, NPR hide caption

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Kirk Radish, NPR

You may have seen that our overachieving friends at All Songs Considered have already finished their Best CDs of 2008 poll.

Well, good for them. However: Not to criticize, y'know, but helloooo, 2008 isn't over yet. We didn't want to rush you.

We are doing a movies poll, though, now that the holiday deluge of blockbusters is at (or near) the box office.

And we want your nominations. In all kinds of categories, too.

The details, gory and otherwise, after the jump ...

That's right: Not for us the simple, straightforward Best Movies of 2008 poll. (OK fine, we'll be doing that, too, more on which in a minute.)

No, we want your nominations — and your votes — in a range of completely arbitrary categories, from The Documentary You're Saddest Was True to Most Hilariously Overhyped Movie Monster.

Also maybe Most Emotive Botoxed Performer. Because although we are NPR, we're not above making a little trouble.

We'll roll this out one day at a time, asking for your nominations one day, then opening the polls on that category the next.

Today, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is: Use the comments on this post to nominate a contender — or three — for