'Dating A Banker Anonymous': Did The New York Times Get Punk'd? : Monkey See You may have heard about the newly famous band of self-pitying gold-diggers, but have you wondered whether they actually exist?
NPR logo 'Dating A Banker Anonymous': Did The New York Times Get Punk'd?

'Dating A Banker Anonymous': Did The New York Times Get Punk'd?

Newly famous gold-diggers: Is 'Dating A Banker Anonymous' a real thing, or did the New York Times get fooled? iStockphoto.com hide caption

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Sometimes, you just get a feeling.

I've been around the Internet for a long time, and I know its terrifying tendency to reveal unpleasant swaths of humanity, and I've seen plenty — plenty — that's worse than the Dating A Banker Anonymous site that's recently been a hot topic of discussion in mainstream news outlets like The New York Times (under, I should add, the truly revolting headline "It's The Economy, Girlfriend") and online communities like Metafilter.

I've seen little that's been more instantly famous, mind you, but lots that's much, much worse.

These women already have not only haters, but defenders against haters, and nobody had even heard of them until Monday. Oh, and they might have a book deal.

And I had one question.

Isn't it totally obvious that this is a put-on? Isn't it totally obvious that the "support group" reported on in the Times doesn't exist, that these are three women — two writers and an attorney — who figured out how to tap our deep societal hatred of the recession and hatred of privileged women who get away with everything, and to combine it into a big giant phenomenon that would produce so much instant vitriol that they would absolutely, definitely get a book deal?

Why I'm so suspicious, after the jump...

I want to say first that I don't know that this isn't real. If it is, then...I despair for us all, but that's a different issue. But let me tell you what's bothering me about it.

• The "DABA Girls" blog lives at www.dabagirls.com, a domain that was apparently