'ShePop' Starts On A Sour Note : Monkey See How do you start a new feature emphasizing things of interest to thinking women? Obsessing over a celebrity's weight, of course!
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'ShePop' Starts On A Sour Note

Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog has a new feature they're calling "ShePop," in which, according to the inaugural post, "we'll offer up a thinking woman's perspective on stuff that's wont to otherwise be shoved into a 'girly' corner. We'll discuss and debate everything that inspires us, enrages us, or even makes us laugh."

That opening post? Jessica Simpson looks fat in those pants. Yes, there's a taste of the "internet discussion" angle, going for a social-critic perspective, but it's not getting the job done for me, especially given that there are no fewer than four allegedly unflattering pictures included with the post — three more than you could ever need to open a meta-discussion of why people won't stop talking about Jessica Simpson's weight. Maybe could have found something for the first day that's crying out a little more desperately for a "thinking woman's perspective."