Super Bowl Winner Revealed! : Monkey See With the Super Bowl more than a week away, one company already knows who's going to win.
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Super Bowl Winner Revealed!

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Electronic Arts

Another great example of better living through technology: As they do every year, videogame industry titan EA Sports today announced the winner of the Super Bowl as predicted by their flagship football simulation game, Madden NFL 09.

Using each team's projected roster, and up-to-date player statistics, EA pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals in a Super Bowl simulation game. Pittsburgh fans will be happy to hear that the Steelers pulled out the victory by a final score of 28-24, giving the team an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl title, and their second championship in four years.

The stats breakdown, and what this means for a regular person, after the jump...

For those interested in details and/or side bet wagering, Ben Roethlisberger threw for 3 touchdowns and was named the Super Bowl MVP, Hines Ward and Willie Parker each scored a touchdown, and wide receiver Santonio Holmes scored two. No word on whether EA included an algorithm to account for Rothlisberger's yips when the Cardinals' Karlos "The Human Eclipse" Dansby crashes through the offensive line.

Anyway, inspired by the news, I decided to try something similar. I've run a recreation of my own life through EA's popular life-simulation game, The Sims, and projected the results forward in time. Turns out, next weekend I'll be in Prague, fleeing from Interpol with a beautiful but dangerous Russian expat named Evgenya.

Won't the wife and kids be surprised! Clearly, this is useful information to have in advance. I'm off to find my passport. More updates as events warrant.