A Full-Fledged Phenomenon: YouTube "Jai Ho" Dances : Monkey See We look at the rage that is dancing to "Jai Ho" and handing your results over to the Internet.
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A Full-Fledged Phenomenon: YouTube "Jai Ho" Dances

I learned something new while researching the new Pussycat Dolls version of "Jai Ho," the Oscar-winning song from Slumdog Millionaire.

It turns out that everybody and their three-year-old is posting YouTube videos of themselves dancing to "Jai Ho." Up there at the top is an unnamed small child getting his groove on, and believe me, there's much more.

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Here's "Tyler," whose dance is more minimalist, and who — hilariously — covers up a mistake with a yawn:

"Sofian," on the other hand, is totally adorable but kind of over "Jai Ho," and also, stop trippin' me, Dad!:

Melina and Daniel aren't just a couple of dancing bears here to entertain you on command:

"Ria" is something of an improviser:

Take it away, Sacred Heart Confirmation Class of 2009, of Cobham, England!

Mick and Rachel want you to know it doesn't take much floor space to do the "Jai Ho" dance:

And finally, I think you will agree that this "beginner-level line dance" is almost like seeing the end of the movie all over again: