Obama-Spidey: The Intervention : Monkey See America, there's only way out of your shame spiral: Stop buying the Obama-Spidey comic.
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Obama-Spidey: The Intervention

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Hi, America. Why don't you sit down? We need to talk to you.

Don't worry about the groceries. We'll put them away. You just sit over there in that empty chair in the center of the room, okay? The one facing us. Right.


Now, we know you're surprised to see us here. I mean, you come back from the store and here we all are, crowded into your living room like this. (Gary had to go get some extra chairs up from your basement; hope that's okay.)

The reason we're here today, America, is because we love you. We do; all of us in this room care about you very much, and we want you to get help. We're here to tell you that you need to get help.

You need to stop buying the Obama-Meets-Spider-Man comic book.

After the jump: The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Shh. Shh.

Look, you don't have to pretend with us. Okay? We know you're buying it. The issue only came out three weeks ago, and comic shops still can't keep it on the shelves. On Monday, Marvel announced that it has already gone into a pretty much unprecedented fifth printing.

We know you're buying up multiple copies. We know you're squirreling some away while you go on buying and selling other copies on Ebay for 10 times the cover price, or more.

America? Can we tell you something? You need to stop.

You're only hurting yourself. And comic books too, eventually.

Oh, sure, it seems fun now. Yes, your local comics shop is making money off this whole thing. Marvel's making money, too, and your Ebay store is in the black for the first time since you discovered Webkinz.

But here's the thing: You're taking advantage of people.

People who assume — mistakenly — that because they can't find a copy of this comic on store shelves