'The New York Times' Responds To The DABA Dust-Up : Monkey See The New York Times responds to some questions about Dating A Banker Anonymous.
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'The New York Times' Responds To The DABA Dust-Up

DABA girls Laney Crowell, left, and Megan Petrus with a friend Photo: Eric Strauss hide caption

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Photo: Eric Strauss

We had a post last Thursday looking into the much-discussed "support group" known as Dating A Banker Anonymous, and on Friday night at about 10:45, I received a statement from The New York Times. The statement says:

"Ravi Somaiya, a freelancer for The Times, first heard about the DABA group in early October, when he met Megan Petrus at a party. The blog started shortly afterward at this address: http://dabagirls.tumblr.com/page/1.

Ravi told his editor about it in December and began reporting in earnest after the New Year.

The fact that they moved their site and gussied it up did not seem worth noting in the article and does not seem particularly surprising or important now.

As for the size of the group/blog audience: We never said, nor implied, it was some kind of mass phenomenon. We made it clear that it was informal, we said that five women were at the cocktail-session we attended. The reason we liked the story — likely the same reason it has attracted so much attention — is that we knew it was resonant with many people who had nothing to do with their group but found themselves in similar situations.