Can Quentin Tarantino Bring Weird Brad Pitt Home Again? : Monkey See We hope to happily welcome home the weirder side of Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.
NPR logo Can Quentin Tarantino Bring Weird Brad Pitt Home Again?

Can Quentin Tarantino Bring Weird Brad Pitt Home Again?

The best thing about this brief preview of Quentin Tarantino's upcoming film Inglourious Basterds is that it promises the return of Weird Brad Pitt, whose appearance I always welcome after exposure to Very Important Brad Pitt.

Why W. Brad Pitt beats V.I. Brad Pitt, after the jump...

I am consistently more taken with W. Brad Pitt (Burn After Reading, Friends) than with V.I. Brad Pitt (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Devil's Own), even though V.I. Brad Pitt gets more work.

(Somewhere in between, in my affections, is Merely Playful Brad Pitt, who is lovely in the Ocean's Eleven movies. M.P. Brad Pitt is always welcome, but he is less rare than W. Brad Pitt and thus less precious.)

V.I. Brad Pitt wins all the awards, but after two hours of him, I always feel like I have been assaulted by a particularly aggressive bulldog made of physical perfection. W. Brad Pitt has more fun. He understands that using your hair as a punch line is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

It would appear that Inglourious Basterds (soon to be known by major media outlets as Inglourious Basterds [Sic] [Please Don't E-Mail Us Your Spelling Corrections]) may bring back Weird Brad Pitt. I mean, just look at the way he says, "Business is a-boomin'!"

Come home, W. Brad Pitt. Dance for us again.

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