Chick Movie/Dude Movie: 'Adventureland' : Monkey See We scientifically determine the Chick Movie/Dude Movie score of the trailer for the new film Adventureland.
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Chick Movie/Dude Movie: 'Adventureland'

Hollywood marketers believe in Chick Movies and Dude Movies. The rest of us believe in...well, movies, in the best of all possible worlds. But when you are making a trailer, you are expected to identify Chick Movie elements and Dude Movie elements. Because we all know that Chicks and Dudes are very different.

(They like cars and beer! We like ponies and flowers!)

Thus, any movie — well, any movie trailer, really — can be sorted into Chick Movie elements and Dude Movie elements, resulting in a final reading on the Chick/Dude scale. Note that, for a single movie, the scale may change by trailer, depending on whether it is airing before He's Just Not That Into You or Knowing.

Let us take a look at this trailer for Adventureland, which opens today.

How to count Ryan Reynolds and expired food, after the jump...


Twilight's Kristen Stewart shyly invites movie's hero (the nonthreatening, unkempt-haired Jesse Eisenberg) to a party (4 points)

Kristen Wiig as soft-spoken but hilarious girlfriend of Bill Hader, behaving much as she did in Knocked Up (2 points)

The blandly good-looking, periodically appealing, sometimes disappointing, remarkably durable, but — yes — blandly good-looking Ryan Reynolds (3 points)

Sequence in which young couple watches fireworks together, rides romantic roller-coaster probably symbolizing the unpredictable sweetness of youth (6 points)


Teenage boy embarrassed upon exiting swimming pool in underpants (4 points)

Orange screens reminiscent of trailers for Superbad (also from Adventureland director Greg Mottola) (1 point)

Bill Hader wearing a giant comical mustache (5 points)

Audible vomiting (5 points)

Air-drumming by one-man Jack Black tribute band Barret Hackney (3 points)

The consumption of expired food as a climactic comedy element (4 points)

This gives a final score of 22-15 in favor of Dude Movie, resulting in a trailer that is 59.5% Dude.

donut chart showing 59.4 percent dude

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