Public-Sector Jobs For More Of The 'Harold And Kumar' Corps : Monkey See With Kal Penn heading to the White House, it's time to put some of the other members of the Harold And Kumar movie casts to work.
NPR logo Public-Sector Jobs For More Of The 'Harold And Kumar' Corps

Public-Sector Jobs For More Of The 'Harold And Kumar' Corps

You know by now that Kal Penn is headed to the White House. Great news for him; bad news for everyone hoping for the next Harold And Kumar movie.

Now that we know another sequel is not in the works, it's time to place some of the other fine cast members of the Harold And Kumar movies in government positions. He is doing his part; they should do theirs.

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John Cho: Strange Beings Liaison, NASA

Since his days as Harold, Cho has made a number of TV appearances — including one on House — and popped up in a few movies. But the biggest things are right around the corner, because he's playing Sulu in the new Star Trek movie that arrives on May 8.

Surely, all that he has learned about talking to the pointy-eared would make him useful to the space program. How different can fictional outer space be than real outer space? Unfortunately, he would spend his first month on the job telling NASA guys they don't need to do the "live long and prosper" thing every time.

Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Corddry, and more, after the jump...

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Fred Willard: Auditor, IRS

Being audited is a high-stress experience. What could put a taxpayer's mind at ease more than opening the door and seeing Fred Willard? It's Fred Willard! He means you no harm. He's just a blustery head of hair, that's all. The warm goofiness oozing from his soul would put a citizen at ease, making the citizen vulnerable to all manner of collection techniques.

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Rob Corddry: Press Secretary

Rob Corddry already played Ari Fleischer in W., so he's already partially trained. Moreover, a former Daily Show correspondent would know how to take a briefing about strife, natural disasters, or a major scandal and render it completely hilarious.

You'd start off thinking that the collapse of the economy was a bad thing, but by the end of the day, you'd be sending YouTube clips of the White House press conference about it to all your friends. It would be the most uproarious downward spiral of all time.

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Beverly D'Angelo: Secretary Of The Interior

Not only has she traveled extensively within the United States; she's done so with Chevy Chase. Thus, we know that she has both a love of scenic drives and a vast reserve of patience. Both make her highly qualified to look after the nation's natural resources.

Moreover, who better to take a highly placed job than someone who is perpetually on vacation?

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Neil Patrick Harris: President

In Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, he showed his capacity for both resenting evil and being evil. In How I Met Your Mother, he has come to symbolize all that is awesome. In Doogie Howser, M.D., he could remove your appendix while barely leaving a scar. And in the Harold And Kumar movies, of course, he was himself.

Who better to be president than an ambiguously evil, entirely awesome doctor who knows how to be himself? Nobody, that's who. NOBODY.