What's Your NPR Name? : Monkey See There's a new game, and all the kids are playing. What's your NPR name?
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What's Your NPR Name?

In a roundabout way (by which I mean via Peter Sagal's Twitter feed), I discovered this entirely user-created and absolutely unofficial time-killer in which you discover "Your NPR name." (Hat-tip to Liana and Eric, who seem to have invented the game.)

The rules: Take the first letter of your middle name and insert it anywhere you'd like in your first name. And then your last name is the smallest foreign town you've ever visited. Presto: You too can compete with Korva Coleman, Lakshmi Singh and Mandalit del Barco.

My NPR name? Alinda Castelldefels, which you must admit is awesome. I am absolutely using that next time they let me on the radio.

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