The Geeky Dreamboat: Is He Under Siege By Regular Dreamboats? : Monkey See A new book takes a broad definition of the term "geeky dreamboat".
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The Geeky Dreamboat: Is He Under Siege By Regular Dreamboats?

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I recently got my first look at Geeky Dreamboats, an oddly adorable little amuse bouche of a photo album showing...well, geeky dreamboats.

Written by Sarah O'Brien and Lacey Soslow (Soslow is, wonderfully, billed as the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the Michael Cera fan club), Geeky Dreamboats is styled to look like an old-school issue of Tiger Beat or Bop, and it comes with a nifty little puffy cover that really does make you feel like you're caressing one of your possessions from junior high. (Which is also how you can tell it's aimed at women who are too old for unironic discussion of dreamboats.)

I have to say, while the book does cover the usual suspects (Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Justin Long), what it really demonstrates is that "geeky dreamboat" now means "regular dreamboat who is not obviously a complete potato-head."

The evidence, after the jump...

Because let us not live in fantasyland: Ryan Gosling is not a geek, and Adam Brody only wants you to think he's a geek because he knows which side his bread is buttered on. Nobody says "I love Ryan Gosling; he's such a geek."

And yet here he is.

The introduction claims that the difference between the geek and the non-geek (Pitt and Clooney are given as the examples of the latter) is that he is so "attainable" and "within our grasp." You know who is attainable and within our grasp, according to this book?

Kanye West.


Geeks are precious. Their distinction must be preserved. If Zac Efron and The Jonas Brothers are geeks, then what chance do actual geeks have? Poor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who probably was not widely called a dreamboat until recently, now finds himself sharing space with...Jake Gyllenhaal!


It's a cute little book, though, and I enjoyed the "Geekboat Nuggets" (Topher Grace dated Ivanka Trump and collects baseball caps!). But I expect that, over time, real geeks will revolt (they've got the necessary skills!) against the corruption of their rightful classification to encompass people such as...Barack Obama.