Weekend Box Office: 'Beams' Leads 'Star Trek' Headline Puns : Monkey See In this weekend's tightly contested race, beams up is leading the race for most used pun to describe Star Trek and its giant cash grab.
NPR logo Weekend Box Office: 'Beams' Leads 'Star Trek' Headline Puns

Weekend Box Office: 'Beams' Leads 'Star Trek' Headline Puns

Star Trek beams into theaters!

Or beams itself to top of weekend box office!

Or maybe beams to top of chart!

Or possibly beams up $72.5 million in first weekend!

Sure, the word "galactic" put up a fight, with the Associated Press and New York Daily News on board. (Get it? ON BOARD!)

UPI went with the idea that the movie boldly goes to $76.5 million, which was picked up by AFP, which noted that it boldly goes to number one. MTV went the same way. Hilarious!

(I must give an honorable mention to my favorite Star Trek headline so far, in which the New York Times made clear that grammar is more important than actually making the correct pop-culture reference and called its review "A Franchise Goes Boldly Backward.")

In the end, however, my unofficial tally suggests that the tightly contested weekend race for most widely used Star Trek pun went to "beams up." Congratulations, "beams up"!