Tony Awards 2009: The Liveblog : Monkey See It's time for the Tony Awards liveblog — well, or it will be tonight at 8:00 p.m.
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Tony Awards 2009: The Liveblog

And we're live!

This is where, tonight at 8:00 p.m., we will be running our very special Tony Awards liveblog event. What of the battle between Liza Minnelli and Will Ferrell? Will American Idol yield a Tony winner? And what will be the pinnacle of Neil Patrick Harris' hosting greatness? (Or what we're assuming will be his hosting greatness.)

Join us, share your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy the one awards show of the year that usually contains actual meritorious entertainment content right there on the stage!

On commenting: Rather than use the liveblog box to take your comments, which can cause things to turn into a chaotic mess with everyone talking at once, we'll be taking your comments on the ceremony in the regular comments section for this post. When everybody talks at the same time, it becomes really hard to follow anything that's being said by anybody, and it's extremely confusing (at least for me). So comment early and often, in the regular comments section.