HBO Taps Diane Keaton For (Possibly Another) Comedy About Feminists : Monkey See HBO, for the second time in less than four months, is talking about a new original series focusing on a character who's a former feminist icon.
NPR logo HBO Taps Diane Keaton For (Possibly Another) Comedy About Feminists

HBO Taps Diane Keaton For (Possibly Another) Comedy About Feminists

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In news that seems like a rewind from April, HBO is developing a half-hour comedy about an older woman who's a former feminist icon. This one comes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer scribe Marti Noxon and will star Diane Keaton.

Back in April, word was that the network was working on a show called Women's Studies, about a "former feminist It girl" (consider the question: does feminism have It girls?) who's now a women's studies professor. This new one is about a "feminist icon" who decides to "reignite the movement by starting a sexually explicit magazine for women." The other show was to come from Daily Show/Colbert Report producer Ben Karlin and star Julie White.

It's hard to imagine HBO going forward with both of these shows given their similarities, but interesting to see them working on two projects about aging feminists in a period of a little over three months. (One would hope the Noxon/Keaton show will be a little fresher than some of the comments from Noxon about the role of leg hair in feminist theory and how women have become "more sexual" since the Kinsey report in 1953; it's much too early for genuine concern.)

HBO may have believed it was winding up behind the curve of female-led comedy, given that it doesn't really have anything right now that would compete with, say, Weeds on Showtime. But either way, chalk up another film actress finding her way to a regular job heading up a TV show.