The Emmy Nominations: Did Inevitability Jinx Jeremy Piven? : Monkey See The Emmy nominations are out. Okay, maybe Jeremy Piven wasn't totally inevitable.
NPR logo The Emmy Nominations: Did Inevitability Jinx Jeremy Piven?

The Emmy Nominations: Did Inevitability Jinx Jeremy Piven?

Well, it's about time: How I Met Your Mother nabs an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. CBS hide caption

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For me, the most surprising Emmy nomination of the day (here's the list of major nominations) is Simon Baker for The Mentalist, who nudged James Spader out of the Lead Actor In A Drama category. It just goes to show you, I think, how much networks are struggling right now and how much of a premium there is on headlining a new network show that's actually successful. Other than that switcheroo, the other five nominees were, indeed, exactly the same as last year.

Also: No Piven! No Piven! Jeremy Piven lost his spot in Supporting Actor In A Comedy, and both Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan were nominated for 30 Rock. I never, ever would have guessed that Piven's spot would be lost before Kevin Dillon's, but that's why I don't put down money on these predictions. Perhaps the "mercury poisoning" publicity didn't reflect well on him.

Other surprises?

Surprises, my Category Of Shame, and more, after the jump...

Jemaine Clement (Flight Of The Conchords) nominated for Lead Actor In A Comedy. In general, Flight Of The Conchords impressed, also pulling down a nomination for Outstanding Comedy. As did Family Guy, which I still don't get, but: okay. The Big Bang Theory didn't get the series nod people thought it might, but Jim Parsons did.

HBO's entry in Best Drama is neither the buzzy True Blood nor the serene In Treatment — it's Big Love, which is going to make a lot of people very happy.

Over in Lead Actress In A Comedy, four of last year's five were nominated, but not America Ferrera of Ugly Betty. New nominees: Sarah Silverman and, yes, Toni Collette of The United States Of Tara.

The category that is identical to last year, except for the sixth nominee, is Lead Actress In a Drama, which gave the sixth slot to Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss.

Tough day for Grey's Anatomy, which continued to do well with supporting actresses Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh, but was otherwise left largely high and dry.

Happiest surprise for me personally? (Other than being wrong about Piven and Spader.) Finally, they found room to nominate How I Met Your Mother, in part by booting Two And A Half Men out of the running for Outstanding Comedy Series.

My official Category Of Shame? Supporting Actress In A Comedy. Two for six! How embarrassing. But I know many of you will be very happy about the nomination of Kristin Chenoweth, so I'll console myself with your joy. (Others I whiffed: Jane Krakowski and both Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig for Saturday Night Live.)

Not much in the way of Farewell Tour nominations: no major-category love for Battlestar Galactica or ER or The Shield.

Other notes: 30 Rock grabbed four out of the five comedy writing nominations and Mad Men four out of the five drama writing nominations. That is kind of shocking.

We'll chat about this throughout the day, I'm sure, but feel free to share the agony and the ecstasy of your satisfied and unsatisfied hopes.