'Glee' Leaves Everything On The Field : Monkey See Last night's Glee will give you a good idea of whether it's going to be up your alley or not. Let's go to the video.
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'Glee' Leaves Everything On The Field

Kurt (Chris Colfer) taught the football team a few new tricks on last night's Glee. Carin Baer/Fox hide caption

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On last night's episode, Glee gave the best example it's offered so far of exactly what it's about, how it's going to work, and how fantasy and realism will be balanced.

In the episode, called "Preggers," the glee club's Kurt stumbled into telling his father he was on the football team, and through a strange series of events, he wound up teaching the team to dance. The undercurrent of all of this is that Kurt recently came out to one of his friends and has been trying to figure out how to come out to his dad, so all of this football/dancing business had a lot of powerful subtext for him.

But in the end, the football team mostly cared about winning, and because it's Glee, a plan was hatched to create a play in which the other team would be distracted by the team's rendition of a particularly famous dance -- some might argue it was one of the most famous dances "OF ALL TIME."

See how it played out, after the jump.

Right here is where you get on the train or jump off, with Glee. If you're looking for strict believability, you're going to be incredibly disappointed, all the time. And if this is too silly, the show is too silly. But if that doesn't bother you, and if your tastes are such that you can go with the infectious and energetic musical numbers, it's going to satisfy you like nothing else on television.

Moreover, if you come for the goofball music, you may wind up staying for the stories, because Kurt did eventually have a talk with his dad, and it was quite touching. It's a show with a good feel for both frivolity and character, and while it's had a hard time so far living up to its very good pilot, there's a lot of fun to be had.

And speaking of fun, next week brings Kristin Chenoweth. When you pause to think about it, it's hard to believe they've been making Glee without Kristin Chenoweth until now, so it's a good thing she's about to show up.