Tonight In Quality Drama: 'House' Unites Hugh Laurie And Andre Braugher : Monkey See Tonight's season premiere of House features some very accomplished guest actors, including one multiple Emmy nominee.
NPR logo Tonight In Quality Drama: 'House' Unites Hugh Laurie And Andre Braugher

Tonight In Quality Drama: 'House' Unites Hugh Laurie And Andre Braugher

Andre Braugher will join Hugh Laurie on tonight's season premiere of House, and that can mean only good things. Michael Yarish/Fox hide caption

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Hugh Laurie lost the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama last night for the fourth time (this time to Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston). He may make it look a little too easy, playing the sour and emotion-burying Dr. Gregory House — there are few histrionics and there's little overt drama. House often seems to be orbiting around whatever the week's medical mystery may be, and rarely is his personal life the central thrust of the story.

But tonight, he's carrying the two-hour season premiere on his shoulders, with some high-octane help.

Borrowing some great actors, after the jump...

As of the end of last season, House was checking himself into a psychiatric hospital after years of Vicodin abuse and an outbreak of outright hallucinations. Longtime fans know that the guy's got plenty of serious psychological problems, but even the painkiller abuse (driven by legitimate leg pain) has been allowed to go on for years, right under the noses of his supervisors at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.

And the guy in charge of helping him get his license back so he can return to work is Dr. Darryl Nolan, played by Andre Braugher, who's been nominated for five Emmys himself — three for his years as Detective Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life On The Street. Braugher is always interesting to watch, and seeing him in the same room with Laurie is a mouth-watering proposition.

As if that weren't enough, House's eye will also fall on a hospital visitor played by Franka Potente, of Run Lola Run and the first two Bourne movies. Need more? You'll also see Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in the award-winning Broadway musical In The Heights.

Of course, the cost of all these guest stars is that House fans will have to wait until next week to see the other characters they care about, but Braugher and Laurie are perfectly capable of carrying a two-hour episode. Or, for that matter, an entire season.