Is The Saw The Most Terrifying Tool? : Monkey See We conduct a highly unscientific study to determine whether the saw is the most frightening tool there is.
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Is The Saw The Most Terrifying Tool?

This weekend marks the opening of Saw VI. The original Saw only came out in 2004, meaning that these movies have been coming out at the rate of one per year for the last six years. That is an impressive feat, and none can deny that the word "saw" contains a certain measure of dread. If you are a movie character and you are appearing in a particular scene, you certainly would hope there is not also a saw in the scene.

But I wondered: Is the power saw the most frightening tool? After all, the average workshop contains innumerable ways you could injure yourself. Has the saw earned its position, or is it coasting on its reputation?

I decided to conduct a highly unscientific study in which I measured my own fear responses to various home-improvement implements in order to determine which was the most frightening. They're all upsetting to varying degrees, but using myself as a guinea pig, would anything frighten me more than a saw?

The data, after the jump.

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It turns out that I am more frightened of the saw than I am of anything else. The string trimmer made a surprisingly strong showing, as did the chisel. I am not sure what my subconscious mind believes the chisel is up to, but apparently, I would cover my eyes all the way through Chisel through Chisel VI.