Michelle Obama Is Now An Action Figure : Monkey See Michelle Obama is going to be an action figure. You can decide how you feel about that.
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Michelle Obama Is Now An Action Figure

The Michelle Obama "action figure" comes in three versions, depending on how you would like to see her dressed. Jailbreak Toys hide caption

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Jailbreak Toys

That's right, people. It's not Barbie, it's not Bratz: it's the Michelle Obama action figure. With eight points of articulation! She will come with three different dresses!

She comes from Jailbreak Toys, which also made the Barack Obama action figure last year, and on November 15, you'll be able to pick up "The Michelle" so that they can have action-figure dinner dates. (The company also makes a variety of other action figures, including Salvador Dali, so you'll be able to set up some seriously interesting dioramas.)

And I would encourage you to play with it, too, because the only political action figure I personally own has failed to appreciate in value at all in the entire time I have possessed it, which is going on ten years now. Can you guess?

Proof of my former state of residence, after the jump.

That's right: Jesse Ventura isn't going to fund my retirement after all. Linda Holmes/NPR hide caption

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Linda Holmes/NPR