Morning Shots: Broadcast Checkups, Hulu, And Hardcovers For A Song : Monkey See In today's rundown: Exercising caution about Hulu, another development in the hardcover price war, and what to do after you win Survivor.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Broadcast Checkups, Hulu, And Hardcovers For A Song

Morning Shots: Broadcast Checkups, Hulu, And Hardcovers For A Song

cup of coffee.

The Hollywood Reporter has this report card showing how each of the broadcast networks is faring this fall. The takeaway: They're hurting, but without strong performances from some new shows and veteran shows that have, in some cases, picked up substantially, it would be a whole lot worse.

• Soupy Sales, who did a little bit of a lot of different things in his lengthy television career, has died at 83.

• There's a hardcover price war going on among Walmart, Target, and Amazon, and a group representing independent bookstores is taking the position that it constitutes illegal predatory pricing. I don't know that the Justice Department is going to step in because they're "devaluing the very concept of the book," but the claim about selling books at a loss in order to control the entire market for hardcovers is a little more difficult to dismiss.

Hulu, CNN, and the best reality show winner ever, after the jump.

• will be rolling out a huge relaunch on Monday. More visual! More social! More John Leguizamo!

• Before you get too wound up over the "OMG HULU WILL NOT BE FREE STARTING IN 2010!!!" stories currently flying around the Internet, make sure you read the original item that set the whole thing off, which doesn't actually say that. It says that one Hulu board member who represents one of the entities that owns Hulu says that part of Hulu's business will include a subscription model, and some content will not be free, and that — in my interpretation — it will be at least 2010 before that happens. (Part of the reason it's so hard to parse is that the piece isn't written clearly — saying someone says there's no timeline for something but he "supposes it's at least in 2010" doesn't really make any sense.)

The content that's specifically mentioned is specially created content and TV previews. It's not that "Hulu will stop being free and start charging for everything beginning in 2010" couldn't happen, but that's not what the guy said quite yet.

• Swell news for fans of my personal favorite Survivor winner ever, Yul Kwon: He's joining the FCC. (Not because he's a Survivor winner.)