Morning Shots: Dancing Justice, The Oscars, And Oprah's Latest Really Big Get : Monkey See In your caffeinated morning roundup: Oscar news, Oprah news, and a rather surprising venture from a formerly single-purpose cable channel.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Dancing Justice, The Oscars, And Oprah's Latest Really Big Get

Morning Shots: Dancing Justice, The Oscars, And Oprah's Latest Really Big Get

cup of coffee.

We're continuing to hunt for the best way to get you interesting tidbits that don't merit an entire post of their own, and I am always in favor of a coffee theme, so let's consider this the semi-caffeinated morning report.

• One of the better dancers was unceremoniously booted from Dancing With The Stars last night, to the point where — no kidding — one of the judges pleaded with viewers to remember that as much as they love an underdog, they should be thinking more about "justice." Dancing justice! Sparkly, spray-tanned, dancing justice!

What's cooking at the Oscars, what's coming to Oprah's studio, and what's shaking up (of all things) The Weather Channel, after the jump.

The Oscars have been turned over to two new producers: one is studio executive Bill Mechanic, and the other is Adam Shankman, who is, among other things, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and the director of Hairspray. Their take seems to be that the Oscars need to take themselves a wee tad less seriously (Shankman is not impressed with what he calls the "individual patting-on-the-back notion"), and that can only be good, I think.

• There's action afoot to develop a film of Miss Saigon to be directed by Lee Daniels, currently in the news for his much-lauded film, Precious.

• The marvelous Judy Greer (Arrested Development's Kitty, among other things) seems to be stuck playing the best friend (she did it in 27 Dresses and now she's Jennifer Aniston's pal in Love Happens), but efforts continue to make her the star she ought to be, and she's getting her second shot at an ABC comedy with the new project I'm With Stupid. (The first was the short-lived Miss Guided.)

• "Oprah ... Sarah. Sarah ... Oprah." That's right: Sarah Palin is coming to chat with Oprah Winfrey.

• It had to happen sooner or later: The Weather Channel doesn't think it's enough to show the weather (they have to have been just slammed by the availability of weather information online and on cell phones), so now they're going to show movies.

• The A.V. Club interview with Bronson Pinchot (once of Perfect Strangers and Beverly Hills Cop) is quite a read, and he's remarkably candid about, among other things, how much he could not stand either Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington. (Warning for sensitive ears: There's a bit of language and other indelicacy, though not too much.)