Morning Shots: Flops Of The Decade, A Fox Surge, And 'Burn Notice' : Monkey See In today's roundup: One disingenuous claim, one very happy network, one welcome renewal, and lots more.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Flops Of The Decade, A Fox Surge, And 'Burn Notice'

Morning Shots: Flops Of The Decade, A Fox Surge, And 'Burn Notice'

cup of coffee.

It's a little bit of a slow morning as the holiday weekend approaches and things begin to grind to a four-day halt, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to report.

The New Yorker has this lengthy, ponderous essay about why people like to read cookbooks, in which it is argued that ... okay, I don't even know what it's arguing, in spite of having read the whole thing. I did notice that apparently, men like cookbooks with directions and women like cookbooks about the romance of generations or something.

• The timing of things yesterday prevented me from posting in a timely fashion the video of the Muppets covering "Bohemian Rhapsody," which you have probably now seen in every Twitter feed you follow. But if, by chance, you have not yet seen it, I assure you that it is well worth it.

• What are the top ten movie flops of the 2000s? The Hollywood Reporter has made its picks. I'll warn you right now: some of these, I didn't even remember.

Burn Notice, forgetting you're on television, and a surprise win for Fox, after the jump.

• Fox has been, for years, dominant in the spring and very quiet in the fall, in terms of ratings. No more — thanks to the World Series and strong performances from scripted shows (including Glee), Fox is expected to take November sweeps for the first time.

• Adam Lambert has managed to get days of publicity out of his performance at the American Music Awards, and during his appearance on today's The Early Show on CBS, he hilariously claimed that he got "carried away" in part because forgot he was on television. Plum forgot! His experience is in theater, after all, and he's never been on television — except for the many months he spent on American Idol. I'm pretty sympathetic to the argument that this is all much ado about nothing, but ... don't push your luck, kid.

• Fans of Burn Notice will be relieved to hear that it was renewed for a fourth season. Unsurprising news given its strong performance for USA, but welcome news nevertheless.