Other Amy Adams Romantic Comedies Based On Your Wall Calendar : Monkey See Amy Adams is starring in Leap Year, but that should only be the beginning.
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Other Amy Adams Romantic Comedies Based On Your Wall Calendar

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When I see the trailers for the Amy Adams romantic comedy Leap Year, I think of the famous Brady Bunch episode where Jan, desperate to come up with a name for her imaginary boyfriend, looks around and happens to spot a glass. "George Glass!" she says.

I sort of imagine that Leap Year came about when someone in a sweaty little room was looking around for inspiration, and his or her eye fell upon a calendar. Presumably a 2008 calendar, I suppose. "February 29th! Eureka!" At least this is how I imagine it.

Which brings me, naturally, to imagine other Amy Adams romantic comedies that could be created to honor things found on your wall calendar.

Daylight Savings Time. When a woman learns at the last possible moment that her boyfriend is leaving because of a giant and easily preventable misunderstanding, she realizes that she does not have time to catch him before he flies to Paris to enter into the arranged marriage his parents have planned. Miraculously, she gains an hour at the last minute (get it?) and is able to catch him in time.

Election Day. Can a woman campaigning for a school levy find love with a man campaigning to become a member of the local water and sewer authority? High-stakes politics take center stage in ... Election Day.

More, including Canadian holidays, after the jump.

August 9th. There's absolutely nothing special about August 9th. Well, nothing except a singular chance at love for a worn-out career girl and the guy who works at her favorite pizza joint. Is August 9th just another day? Not this time.

Thanksgiving Is Kind Of Early This Year. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, but when you're as busy as this single mom, it's hard to keep track! When Thanksgiving unexpectedly falls on the 22nd, its earliest possible date, she's caught without a turkey until a very special poultry farmer pulls out his axe to take a whack at love.

What Are All These Canadian Holidays? When you're an executive at a major greeting-card company, you have to know the tricks of the trade. So when one former saw things like "Victoria Day" on his calendar, he knew he needed an expert, and only the Toronto-born barista down the street could answer his questions. Little did he know he was going to need a whole different kind of international diplomacy.

Vernal Equinox. They've been dating since high school, but she's a morning person and he's a night owl -- how will they ever learn to balance their schedules? As they learn during a fateful night locked in the science museum, twice a year, the calendar puts everything in balance.