Morning Shots: Ebert On Zombies, Sally Quinn, And A 'Hurt Locker' Foul : Monkey See In today's roundup, Conan O'Brien hits Twitter, a Hurt Locker producer apologizes, and Sally Quinn has a long story for you about weddings and disinvited relatives and getting your column out of the print edition of The Washington Post.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Ebert On Zombies, Sally Quinn, And A 'Hurt Locker' Foul

Morning Shots: Ebert On Zombies, Sally Quinn, And A 'Hurt Locker' Foul

cup of coffee.

• You know, with all the talk about how remarkable Roger Ebert's story is, it's important not to lose sight of the fact that he's still a funny, insightful movie critic who has, in my opinion, only gotten better with time. I give you his review of The Crazies.

• A poster for the dirty puppet musical Avenue Q has been pulled. What is the world coming to, I ask you?

• A producer of The Hurt Locker has apologized for breaking Academy rules while campaigning to defeat certain other blue-people-populated movies for Best Picture. I appreciated the link to the regulations involved, because ... I had no idea some of those even existed.

• I freely admit this is a little bit of a Washington-y, gossipy story (except for the "a little bit" part), but if you want to read a humdinger of a tale of how to get yourself in an enormous heap of trouble by writing about your family life, I give you the story of Sally Quinn's Washington Post column, which I had somehow managed not to hear about until today. I would posit that the column was in trouble right from "People often ask me how to make conversation at dinner parties," which is ... the first line. (Hat-tip to Gael at Pop Culture Junk Mail, who, come to think of it, also linked to the Ebert Crazies review.)

E-bibles, Dancing With Evan Lysacek, and Conan's on Twitter, after the jump.

• Want to learn about the e-book market? Read up on e-Bibles.

• Effective yesterday, Conan O'Brien has arrived on Twitter, where he has one very funny tweet and more than 237,000 followers as of this writing.

• Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek says he wants to try Dancing With The Stars. Prediction: He will get that opportunity, if he's serious.