Morning Shots: Scenery, Conan Updates, And What's With 'MacGyver' : Monkey See Statistics on women directors, Conan news, harsh words from a blog to a big paper, and lots more, in today's roundup.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Scenery, Conan Updates, And What's With 'MacGyver'

Morning Shots: Scenery, Conan Updates, And What's With 'MacGyver'

cup of coffee.

• If you enjoy a good debate about the merits of sweeping popular movies into the Oscar pool, feel free to check out the radio commentary I did yesterday on All Things Considered in defense of including some multiplex movies in the ten-film Best Picture field.

• Spare stagings of Broadway shows are on the rise. They're in style, and they're also ... cheap.

• Getting Conan O'Brien on Fox is far from a done deal. Rupert Murdoch is waiting for evidence that Conan is a safe bet, profit-wise.

Defending MacGyver, more about women directors, Conan gets scrubbed, and more, after the jump.

• As if you needed another reason to be wary of the upcoming movie based on the Saturday Night Live "MacGruber" sketches, the creator of MacGyver is protesting that the parody interferes with his own upcoming movie adaptation of the show. (Without Richard Dean Anderson's mullet, why bother?)

• In another Conan snippet, the guy has been cut from the mural at NBC's 30 Rock. Having worked there, I can tell you that tourists stand and take photos of those murals all day (that's right -- they take photos of big photos) (trust me -- you have to muscle them out of the way to get to Starbucks).

• The publisher of Gothamist, New York City's popular local blog, had some strong words -- to say the least -- about The New York Times and the territory it's ceded to blogs in covering local news.

• Here's a sobering statistic: "The percentage of women directors has been virtually unchanged since 1987, at 7% to 9%." How many fields have a percentage of women that small that hasn't changed appreciably in 23 years? I'm trying to think of ... any. Read more.